Guided Northern California Pig Hunting

Northern California Pig Hunting
Northern California Pig Hunting

       Northern California is home to a growing pig population. The DASH Ranch offers some of the best wild pig hunting in Shasta County. Our one-on-one guided hog hunts are spot and stalk, fair-chase hunts. (No dogs.) The wild pigs in this area are a dark-haired, European (Russian) breed. They usually run in groups of 7-15 hogs, but a group of 30 is a common find.

The biggest wild boars we see are generally alone or with another big boar. They can run over 300 lbs and have tusks easily over 2 inches long. However, wild hogs in the 75 - 150 lb range make the best table fare. Wild hogs are tough game animals to bring down. Larger hogs have thick, shielded shoulders that require a rifle with plenty of knock down power to anchor them. Although a .243 will work, we like to see .270, 30-06, 300, or 7mm. Bigger is better when it comes to stopping wild hogs.

Our 1-day guided wild pig hunt includes: the field dressing and skinning of your pig, 3 meals and an overnight stay in our bunkhouse. Since 95% of our hunters shoot a wild hog at a distance of less than 150 yards, you are practically guaranteed to take home a pig.

Pig Hunt: 1 day one on one guided, bunk house, meals, field dressing and skinning.   $850.00

For more information, or to book a hunt, contact Dave Morrow at (530) 941-2112 or send an email to:

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